PLT is a non-profit organization with official charitable status. Our tax number is 73493 8293 RR0001. Please contact us at to make a donation.

Playing and Learning Together is a registered charity, who operates with a Board of Directors. The BOD has hired a team of professionals to work together, to fill identified gaps in current supports and services for children, youth and adults with ASD in HRM and hopefully across the province in the future.

Vision: Every individual with Autism/ASD has a unique personality and profile; they can learn, grow and develop at their own pace with the right kinds of supports. Autistic adults and families become our partners in this journey as we work together to fill the gaps in programs and service delivery in Nova Scotia.

Mission: Through training, partnerships and individualized programming supports and services, we empower and support individuals with Autism/ASD to be active, lifelong members of our community.

Core values:

  • Person-centred
  • Respectful
  • Optimistic
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative

Our Board is now in the position to plan to expand the program to other areas of Halifax Regional Municipality so that more families and more individuals with Autism/ASD can be involved in the after school program. We would also like to include structured recreation, leisure and social club activities for Autistic adults. At this time we are asking the larger community to support these initiatives.